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A very large ratio of students and other writers across the domains get help with sentence structure from an online sentence structure analyzer to find and fix the mistakes related to the structures of English sentences. It has become one of the fastest-growing trends in the writing industry to test my sentence structure in all types of papers, documents, and writings.

Why Should I Mind to Check My Sentence Structure in My Papers?

Every writer should take care of the structure of sentences in writing either to achieve the benefits of having perfect sentence structures in the text or to avert the downsides of having sentence structure errors in your piece of writing. Thus, you should take special care for proofreading for sentence structure to remove mistakes in your writings. The most important reasons to mind sentence structures in your text include:

reasons to use sentence structure checker
  • Obtaining better ratings of the paper or essay
  • Making paper look more professional
  • Increasing the writing confidence and reputation
  • Avoiding rejection of writing from publishing in any journal or magazine
  • Getting admission in good educational institutes
  • Achieving scholarships and awards to further your career
  • Accomplishing communication goals of writing

Finding Most Common Mistakes to Improve Sentence Structure During Writing

Sentence structure mistakes are the most critical errors in any writing. These mistakes are more likely to happen with the students and writers that use English as a foreign language (EFL). The most common mistakes related to sentence structure may an online check grammar and sentence structure find include the following:

  • Run-on sentence. This is one of the most common mistakes that happen in the writings of common students. In this type of mistake, the structure of a sentence is not properly punctuated to separate two independent clauses for better understanding of the meaning of the sentence.
  • Comma splices. Connection two independent clauses through a comma (,) in a sentence is known as comma splice error. It is a type of sentence structure error, which is extensively found in the papers of students.
  • Sentence fragments. The sentence fragments are types of sentence structure mistakes in English language. In this type of mistakes, the sentences are not complete as per grammatical rules to provide a meaningful sense. Normally, these sentences don’t have either subject, object, verb, or predicate of the sentence.
  • Miscellaneous sentence structure error. Numerous other errors in the sentence structures based on the misuse of grammatical rules such as the misplaced objects, subjects, and verbs, or the improper referencing of the subjects, pronouns, and nouns, and others.  

You can detect and fix all of the above-mentioned most common mistakes related to sentence structure by using a run on sentence checker to analyze sentence structure online for free.

Top Rules on How to Improve Sentence Structure

Most common grammatical rules that deal with finding and fixing the sentence structure errors are mentioned below:

how to improve sentence structure

#1. Separate two clauses through proper punctuation

When a sentence consisting of two clauses are not separated, put a proper punctuation sign and/or a conjunction to connect them properly. The following 3 sub-rules apply in this case.

Incorrect: He was working in two shifts to earn extra he wanted to improve his credibility score

Correct: He was working in two shifts to earn extra. He wanted to improve his credibility score.

Correct: He was working in two shifts to earn extra; he wanted to improve his credibility score

Correct: He was working in two shifts to earn extra because he wanted to improve his credibility score.

#2. Always maintain order of parts of a sentence  

It is a basic rule of sentence structure that the sequence of the major parts of a sentence are placed in a predetermined order. This order is: Subject – Verb – Object – Predicate.

#3. Connect dependent clause to an independent clause to complete sentence structure

For example, after drinking the morning tea. This is a dependent clause, which does not make full sense. So, you need to connect it with suitable independent clause to make sense as shown below:

Example: After drinking the morning tea, John left for work.

You can also use an online sentence fixer to find and correct all mistakes related to the sentence structures in your text easily.

An Overview of Our Sentence Structure Editor

A sentence structure checker is an online specialized editing software for sentence structure mistakes in your text. It can detect and fix the sentence structure mistakes with highly accurate results instantly.

Salient features:

  • Finds and fixes run-on, comma splice, and fragmented sentence mistakes
  • Detects and corrects all noun and pronoun misuses
  • Catches preposition and prepositional phrase mistakes
  • Removes active and passive voice errors
  • Corrects punctuation and spelling problems
  • Finds and removes the subject-verb agreements
  • Detects all parts of speech mistakes
  • Capable of finding plagiarized content
  • Detects the tone and effectiveness of the text
  • Finds word choice and other sentence structure issues

Major advantages:

  • Saves time and money substantially
  • Improves quality of writing significantly
  • Available in both freemium and premium packages
  • Provides options for continual learning
  • Options for unlimited checking
  • Available round the clock to access from anywhere in the world
  • Instant accessibility without any waiting queue

What Papers Can Proper Sentence Structure Checker Analyze?

  • Essays, thesis, dissertations
  • Research reports, scientific reports
  • Corporate documents
  • Articles, web content
  • And others

Who Can Benefit from Sentence Structure Correction Tool Free?

  • Students, professors, and teachers
  • Academicians and grammaticians
  • Technical writers and marketers
  • Corporate writers and journalists
  • Bloggers and online article writers
  • Web content writers and manual writers
  • And many others

How Does Sentence Structure Checker Work?

It is very easy and simple to use our online sentence structure analyzer as shown below:

  1. Copy/paste the content into the widget
  2. Click the “check my text” button. Tool checks the text automatically and highlights the mistakes by underlining the words and phrases
  3. Click the underlined word or phrase. The correct options appear. Choose the right option to correct the mistake
  4. Repeat this process for other mistakes too.
  5. You are done!

If you are looking for the help of a marvelous sentence structure analyzer online to improve your paper, try our specialized sentence structure checker now!