Sentence Changer for Error-Free Papers

Performing a Full Sentence Check

In order to submit a paper free of any type of error it is necessary to check every sentence to ensure it is free of mistakes. This can be a difficult task but an online sentence changer tool can make the process easier.

Students and writers are always striving to produce the best possible paper. One of the most important parts of the writing process is revision. Every sentence must be checked to ensure it is completely free of mistakes and that it conveys what you want to say in the best way. Sentences must be grammatically correct and have no spelling or punctuation mistakes. There are many rules that must be followed in English grammar and checking that no rule is violated can be very difficult and extremely time-consuming. Not only must you find every sentence mistake, but you must also have the knowledge to correct it. It may take hours to revise a single essay on your own and there is still a good possibility that you will overlook some grammar infractions. One way to make the process easier is to use an English sentence corrector when revising your writing.

Sentence Revision: a Helpful Checklist

It isn’t easy to remember all the things that need to be checked in a sentence during the revision process. Here is a checklist of different types of errors you should be looking for when revising sentences:

  • Check if your sentences are complete and not fragments. Incomplete sentences, also called sentence fragments, are a common mistake. A complete sentence must have a subject, a verb and express a complete thought.
  • Is the sentence written in active voice? Passive voice has its place but typically it is preferable to use active voice as it is more concise and easier for the reader to understand.
  • Is the sentence concise and to the point? Some people mistakenly believe that long complex sentences are better than shorter ones. However, concise sentences that get directly to the point are preferable in most cases.
  • Are there any unnecessary words? Every word in a sentence should serve a purpose. Eliminate words that serve no purpose other than as filler.
  • Are verb tenses consistent? Switching verb tenses in sentences is another error that occurs frequently. Ensure verb tense doesn’t change mid-sentence
  • Have adverbs been overused? It is usually better to use a strong verb rather than to modify a weaker verb using an adverb. Avoid using too many adverbs.
  • Check for comma splices and fused sentences. When a sentence is made up of two or more independent clauses they must be joined correctly so that you don’t end up with a run on sentence.
  • Check subject/verb agreement. The subject and the verb in a sentence must agree with one another in number. When the subject is singular the verb must also be singular and when the subject is plural the verb should be plural as well.
  • Check for misplaced modifiers. Misplaced modifiers are words that incorrectly refer to the wrong word in a sentence.
  • Look for noun/pronoun disagreement. The noun that a pronoun is being used in place of is called the antecedent. The antecedent and the pronoun must be in agreement. If the antecedent is plural then the pronoun should be plural and if the antecedent is singular the pronoun should be singular.
  • Check all punctuation in the sentence. Make sure the appropriate punctuation is being used. Misuse of commas, semicolons and apostrophes are 3 of the most common punctuation mistakes

As you can see there are many different things to check for in a sentence and doing this for an entire paper is difficult and requires a lot of time. Fortunately there is another way how to check whether a sentence is grammatically correct. Our better sentence generator can identify all types of grammar mistakes in text. Not only does it detect grammar mistakes, the sentence helper also recommends corrections you can make to fix the errors it finds.

Should You Use an Online Sentence Reviser?

How can I make my sentence sound better? That is a question many students and writers have. The way to improve sentences is through the revision process but is it something you should do manually on your own or is it better to use an online sentence structure checker to help you find and correct mistakes?

It is hard to manually find errors and correct them in your own text even for experienced writers. It can take hours to proofread and edit a paper and it is easy to overlook mistakes. A make my writing better generator can detect all the grammar and punctuation mistakes in a paper in one minute or less. Once all errors have been identified the auto correct sentence software will recommend corrections you can make to fix mistakes. It will even suggest adjustments to restructure sentence and completely rearrange it to make it sound better. The sentence enhancer generator can save you many hours when you use it to revise sentences online so it makes sense to take advantage of the benefits it offers.

How to Tell You Chose the Right Sentence Changer

There are many online sentence checker tools that people can choose from but some are better than others. How will I know if I chose the right wordy sentences checker to revise my sentence? Here are some of the signs that will indicate that you chose the right is this sentence correct checker:

  • Accuracy: this is the most important consideration when selecting a sentence fixing generator. It should be able to identify and correct errors with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Detailed reports: a good sentence corrector will provide detailed reports identifying errors and include corrections that can be made
  • Identify multiple types of errors: the writing tool you choose should be able to identify and fix many different types of errors and not be limited to just a few types of mistakes.
  • Fast: speed is another factor when selecting a sentence fixer tool. You don’t want to wait for extended periods of time to have your text analyzed
  • Variety of text types: the best online writing tools work with any type of text such as academic papers and essays, business letters, blog posts, articles, memos or any other type of writing you need to revise
  • Secure: the text you are analyzing should be kept secure and never be shared online or provided to other databases.

Of course the best ways to tell you have chosen the right revise sentence generator is when you consistently produce well written and error free papers.

Points Our Paragraph Changer Checks and Corrects

Our change sentence generator detects multiple types of errors and provides suggestions on how you can fix the mistakes it identifies. Here are the different points in sentences our sentence revisor checks and corrects.

  • Spelling checker: identifies all spelling mistakes and provides the correct spelling for misspelled words
  • Run on sentence checker: detects and suggests corrections for fused sentences and comma splices
  • Sentence fragment checker: finds incomplete sentences and recommends how to fix them
  • Grammar checker: identifies all types of grammar mistakes such as misplaced modifiers, verb tense problems, noun/pronoun agreement, subject verb agreement and many others.
  • Punctuation checker: finds all punctuation errors and recommends corrections
  • Passive voice checker: identifies active and passive voice and suggests adjustments to change voice
  • Tone checker: identifies the tone of your text and recommends necessary changes to set the appropriate tone
  • Text similarity checker: detects duplicate text or text that is too similar to other works to avoid plagiarism issues

Our sentence arranger can find any type of error in your paper and recommend the appropriate solution.

Learn with Our Text Rearranger

Our text rearranger is a great tool for finding and correcting problems in your paper. It is also very beneficial as a learning tool. Every mistake it finds it highlights for the user and identifies what type of error it is. By using the tool you can learn how to identify those types of mistakes yourself. The text fixer tool also recommends corrections and adjustments you can make to fix specific types of mistakes and improve your text. By making the changes suggested by our online writing tool you not only fix the problem but also learn how to correct similar errors in the future on your own. Consistent use of our sentence corrector tool will improve your ability to recognize different types of mistakes in your text and provide you with the knowledge to correct these problems. 

Try our sentence changer today and produce papers that are well polished and free of mistakes on every writing assignment!