Run on Sentence Checker for Accurate Writing

The use of a specialized run on detector to catch and correct the incomplete sentence structures in your papers, essays, and other documents has become a new norm in almost all domains of English writings. A specialized incomplete sentence checker online is able to find all types of mistakes related to sentence structure such as run on sentence, comma splice, and others.

Top 3 Sentence Structure Mistakes Sentence Corrector Can Find

The sentence structure mistakes, which our sentence corrector may find can be categorized into three major categories. The frequency of mistakes associated with those three categories is huge in all types of writings, especially those written by the writers using English as a second language (ESL). Those mistakes are explained below:

#1. Run-on Sentence

Run-on sentence is a type of sentence structure in which two independent clauses are not properly punctuated to separate or connect them for providing a meaningful sense. Run on sentence examples and corrections are mentioned below:

Example: He left for London today he is on vacation for 15 days.

Correct: He left for London today. He is on vacation for 15 days.

Example: Don’t blame Jennifer Anne was lying.

Correct: Don’t blame Jennifer because Anne was lying.

The grammatical procedure on how to revise a run on sentence is governed by a few rules as applied in the above examples.  

#2. Comma Splices

Comma splice is a type of sentence structure mistake in which two independent clauses in a compound or in a complex sentence are connected through comma instead of the right options of using either colon, semicolon, or a suitable conjunction. How to fix a comma splice is explained in the following examples.

Example: He felt pain in belly, he ate a large pizza.

This comma splice mistake can be corrected in the following ways:

Correct: He felt pain in belly. He ate a large pizza.

Correct: He felt pain in belly after he ate a large pizza.

Correct: He felt pain in belly; because he ate a large pizza.

#3. Sentence Fragments

Sentence fragment is a type of mistake associated with the sentence structure. In this type of writing mistake, the sentence or clause does not have all its fundamental components such as subject, verb, and complete sense/thought. In the following examples, correcting fragments and run-ons in paragraphs of English writing is explained.

Example: Due to heavy floods.

Correct: Due to heavy floods, streets submerged into the water.

Example: University offers new courses. Like drafting, proofreading, composition, and others.

Correct: University offers new courses, like drafting, proofreading, composition, and others.

You can use an online fragment finder to identify and fix any types of mistakes associated with the sentence structure easily with a high-level accuracy.

Useful Tips: How to Check for Run on Sentences Errors

The comma splice and fused sentence checker process is governed by certain punctuation and grammatical rules for connecting two or more independent clauses in a compound or in a complex sentence. Those grammatical rules can be summarized into the following useful tips or axioms for run on sentence test in your writing.

how to check for run on sentences

#1. Check if the sentence contains at least two independent clauses

A run-on sentence or comma splice is a sentence that contains two or more independent clauses. An independent clause is a combination of words that makes complete sense without any support of additional clause or phrase. Example of independent clause: He reached office early in the morning nobody was there. There are two independent clauses in the above run-on sentence without any punctuation or any other connecting word.

#2. Check if two independent subjects are available in the sentence

This is another very important tip to identify if the sentence is a fused sentence or has a comma splice issue. In the above run-on sentence, you can see “He” and “Nobody” are two separate subjects without any proper punctuation or connecting word in the sentence.

#3. Check if two independent clauses in a sentence are only separated by a comma

It is very useful for identifying the comma splice in a run-on sentence. Normally, two independent clauses are not allowed to be separated by a comma only. In the above example, if there is a comma between the two clauses; still, the sentence will be a comma splice.

#4. Find out if one independent clause directs the other independent clause

If one independent clause instructs or directs for some activity to the other independent clause, the sentence is likely a run-on sentence.

#5. Find out if two independent clauses are connected through conjunctive adverbs

It is a very useful tip to figure out the run-on sentence if a conjunctive adverb like moreover, nonetheless, however, and similar are used in the sentence. The super-easy way to find out the run-on sentence is to use an online fragment and run on sentence checker for free of charge.

Useful Tips: How to Fix Fragments and Run on Sentences Mistakes?

How to fix a fused sentence or a comma splice mistake in a compound sentence? You can do it either by performing an online sentence grammar check through a complete sentence generator or following the below-mentioned useful tips:

how to fix fragments and run on sentences

#1. Use a semicolon between two independent clauses

Run-on sentence: He took 7 mangoes he is so fond of mangoes.

Correct: He took 7 mangoes; he is so fond of mangoes.

#2. Add a semicolon and suitable conjunction between two clauses

Run-on sentence: He was so happy he was traveling to London for the first time.

Correct: He was so happy; because he was travelling to London for the first time.

#3. Use period to separate two clauses as independent sentences

Run-on sentence: He chose a computer degree he was interested in the IT sector.

Example: He chose a computer degree. He was interested in the IT sector.

#4. Use comma along with a coordinating conjunction

Run-on sentence: Anne is very health-conscious she takes exercise regularly.

Correct: Anne is very health-conscious, so he takes exercise regularly.  

#5. Add a subordinating conjunction to connect two independent clauses

Run-on sentence: John is so busy he still spares Fridays for parties.

Correct: Although John is so busy, he still spares Fridays for parties.

An Overview of Our Sentence Fragment Checker

How to find incomplete sentences free online? Use our specialized online sentence fragment checker to fix run on sentences online for free. It is a software-based application that runs in the cloud through a supported web browser. You can access it through your computer or mobile device easily without any charges at all.

Main Features

Our online run-on sentence checker is a highly feature-rich tool that makes it one of the best in the marketplace. A few very important features are listed below:

  • Specialized in finding and fixing comma splices, run-on and fused sentences
  • Capable of checking other sentence structure related mistakes
  • Finds out and fixes the words choice and vocabulary issues
  • Detects and resolves all mistakes related to punctuation and spelling
  • Finds and solves all types of misuses related to all types of nouns
  • Able to catch and correct all types of pronoun mistakes
  • Detects all wrong references to pronoun subjects easily
  • Detects tense-verb agreements as well as subject-verb agreements
  • Capable of detecting and deleting mistakes associated with auxiliary verbs, gerunds, and to-be verbs
  • Finds and fixes all mistakes related to all types of conjunctions
  • Detects and deletes all misuses related to active and passive voices
  • Catches and resolves prepositional phrase and preposition issues
  • Finds plagiarized content
  • Detects the tone and effectiveness of your text

What Papers Can It Check?

  • Thesis, dissertations, essays
  • Articles, blogs, research papers
  • Fiction, story, dialogues
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  • Technical articles, corporate correspondence
  • And others

Who Can Benefit?

  • Students and academicians
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  • Technical writers and corporate writers
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  • And others

Major Advantages

The major advantages offered by our specialized fragment sentence checker to all types of writers, especially to the students are listed below:

  • Saves you a substantial time and money
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How Does Our Run-on Sentence Checker Work?

Our specialized online tool to check and correct run-on sentence issues is very easy and intuitive to use by taking a very few steps as mentioned below:

  1. Copy and paste the text into the widget of our online tool
  2. Click the “check my text” button. Our specialized tool starts checking text automatically and highlights the mistakes by underlining the words or phrases.
  3. Click the underlined words or phrases containing the mistakes. The corrective options appear.
  4. Choose the right corrective option. The tool replaces the mistake with the correct option.
  5. Repeat this process for the other mistakes
  6. You are done!

If you are looking for a high-quality incomplete sentence checker to fix sentence structure mistakes in your paper try our specialized run on sentence checker now!