Most Controversial Rules in Grammar

What are the most controversial rules in grammar? Just like in any industry or field, language is one of the most complicated topics to discuss about. And just like other areas of English, it comes with a couple of controversial rules that you may want to know right now. We know how to check a sentence is correct. Check out the following and learn of them.

most controversial rules in grammar

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  • The Oxford Comma: “I want to thank my parents, John, and Lisa.” Or “I want to thank my parents, John and Lisa.” –Most experts in grammar will have their say on this subject. In many cases, their opinion is always right. These people often also have insistent voice when they want to prove something.

The Pronunciation of “Controversial” How do you really pronounce this word? Well, here are two:

  • con-truh-vur-see-youl

  • con-truh-vur-shal

Americans aren’t unanimous on this matter. Funny enough, both the American Heritage and Merriam-Webster’s dictionaries acknowledge both ways.

  • Double Negatives: “I don’t have nothing for you.” Although this is correct grammatically, there are debates about the permissibility utilizing these double negatives that keep on existing from time to time.

  • Irregardless: This word appears in three official dictionaries, but they admit it is informal.

  • Ending Sentences with Prepositions: Using them at the end of a sentence is actually wrong

  • ‘But’ or ‘And’ – They are perfectly acceptable, and some sentences are better when launched using a conjunction. Not applicable in all sentences though.

  • Split infinitives: They jam an adverb between a verb that is unmarked and a preposition. Nevertheless, they are acceptable.

  • Passive Voice: Its usage compromises experimenting with the English language

  • Punctuation should be inside quotation marks: Depending on country using it, punctuation marks go either outside or inside these marks.

  • E-mail vs. email: After years of pressure, the stylebook of AP declared ‘e-mail’ should be written ’email.’

When looking for grammar controversial rules, you can go over the above examples and learn about some of them. Finally, learn improving your grammar from day to day so that it can, in time, become flawless.

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