Helpful Guide on How to Write Correct English Sentences

It is essential to know on how to write correct English sentences in order for your paper not to be criticized by other people. It is important that you know the basic and master the rules. You need to be familiar with English sentences and ways to apply it if you want to correct the sentence the right way.

Simple Principles to Correct English Sentences

  • Comma splice and fused: One of the simple principles on how to write correct English sentences is that you should not link 2 main independent clauses with comma or to run 2 main clauses together without using any punctuation.

For example: 

  • Comma splice: The water was cold, he decided to run.
  • Fused sentence: The water was cold he decided not to run.

To correct English sentences especially to comma splice and fused sentences, you need to place a period after first main independent clause. Next, you need to write the next main clause as another sentence. You need to use semicolon in separating main clauses or to insert a coordinating conjunction after a comma

  • Sentence fragment: You should avoid sentence fragments. Fragment refers to group of words that begin with capital letter and ends with a period. It is written like it is a sentence but a fragment is a part of sentence only like subordinate or phrase clause.
  • Agreement: Write a verb that agrees in number with its subject. Write pronouns that agree in number with its antecedent. In fact, a singular subject will take singular verb and it also applies to plural subject where it takes plural verb.
  • Shifts: As much as possible, you need to avoid useless shifts in number and person.
  • Shifts: If an individual is improving, you need to work harder. (shifting from 3rd person to 2nd person)
  • Better: If you will going to improve, you need to work harder (2nd person)
  • OR: If people will improve, they need to work harder (3rd person)

how to write correct english sentencesYou might also want to correct English sentences online or correct article. There are generators that can help you to eliminate all the mistakes in your paper and will highlight what are the errors you committed. With it, it helps you to know your mistakes and ways on how you can improve it the next time you need to write.

Follow out tips today and get better results tomorrow!

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