Comprehensive Complex Sentence Checker

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

There are 4 types of sentences in English and occasionally you may need to convert from one type to another. A complex sentence checker is a useful tool that can help you change your text to a different sentence type. Simple, compound and complex sentences are the three types of sentences you will use most often when you write. You can recognize each sentence type by the number and type of clauses that each contains.

  • Simple sentence. It is the most basic form of a sentence. It will contain a single independent clause. There will be one subject and one predicate in a simple sentence. The predicate is a verb or verb phrase that tells what the subject is doing or what the subject is.
    • Example: “Steve waited patiently for the bus.”
  • Complex sentence. Complex sentences consist of one or more dependent clauses, sometimes called subordinate clauses, and one independent clause. An independent clause can stand on its own as a sentence but dependent clauses must be supported by an independent clause. Dependent clauses begin with subordinating conjunctions no matter where the dependent clause is placed in the sentence.
    • Example: “Susan walks to work every day because she enjoys the exercise.”
  • Compound sentence. A compound sentence consists of at least two independent clauses that have related ideas. There are no dependent clauses in compound sentences. The independent clauses can be connected using a comma and a coordinating conjunction, a semi-colon, or a semi-colon, conjunctive adverb, and a comma.
    • Example: “Kevin had to work late, so Lisa went to the movie without him.”

It isn’t always easy to recognize whether a sentence is simple, compound or complex. Those having problems determining sentence type will find a simple sentence detector a useful tool for identifying the different types of sentences.

Top 7 Rules to Change Complex Sentence to Simple Sentence

When you write it is a good idea to change the structure of your sentences to add a little variety to your text. Here are the top 7 rules for changing a complex sentence to a simple sentence:

how to change complex sentence to simple sentence
  1. A complex sentence can be converted to a simple sentence by reducing a dependent noun clause into a phrase.
    • Complex sentence: “As I ran very fast, I won the race.”
    • Simple sentence: “Running very fast, I won the race”
  2. A complex sentence can be converted into a simple sentence by reducing a dependent adverb clause of reason into a phrase.
    • Complex sentence: “Put your phone down so that you can work.”
    • Simple sentence “Put your phone down to do your work.”
  3. Convert a complex sentence into a simple sentence by reducing a dependent adverb clause of time into a phrase.
    • Complex sentence: “When the students saw the teacher they stopped fighting.”
    • Simple sentence: “Seeing the teacher, the students stopped fighting.”
  4. Convert a complex sentence into a simple sentence by reducing a dependent adverb clause of condition into a phrase.
    • Complex sentence: “We cannot win this game unless we play well.”
    • Simple sentence: “Without playing well we cannot win this game.”
  5. Convert a complex sentence into a simple sentence by reducing a dependent adverb clause of place into a word.
    • Complex sentence: “She followed him wherever he went.”
    • Simple sentence: “She followed him everywhere.”
  6. Convert a complex sentence into a simple sentence by reducing a dependent adverb clause of result into a phrase.
    • Complex sentence: “Mary was so excited that she could not sleep”
    • Simple sentence: “Mary was too excited to sleep.”
  7. A complex sentence can be converted to a simple sentence by reducing a dependent adjective clause into a phrase
    • Complex sentence: “The people who live in large cities deal with a lot of traffic.”
    • Simple sentence: “The people living in large cities deal with a lot of traffic.”

Converting from one sentence type to another can be confusing. A sentence converter from simple to complex types of sentences can assist you with conversions.

Editing Strategies to Convert Simple English to Professional English

Here are a few of the techniques you can use to check and correct simple and complex sentences during the editing process:

how to convert simple english to professional english
  • Learn to identify independent clauses and dependent (subordinate) clauses and what the differences are.
  • Learn the three types of subordinate clauses. They are the adjective clause, the adverb clause and the noun clause
  • Know when to use a comma to attach a dependent clause to an independent clause. When the dependent clause comes before the independent clause a comma should be used to connect them. If the independent clause comes first no comma is required unless the dependent clause begins with “although”, “though”, “even though” or “whereas”.
  • Vary sentence type in your writing. Don’t only use one type of sentence. Use a mix of simple, complex and compound sentences. This may require converting one sentence type to another.

Editing sentence structure and converting sentences can be challenging. Our online simple and compound sentence corrector can help you identify and fix sentence structure errors. The simple English sentence changer can also be used to convert compoud to simple sentences and other types of sentence conversions.

About Our Complex Sentence Checker

I need help to correct my sentence is a familiar cry from people as they edit their writing. We provide a website that convert the simple sentence into compound and other types of sentence conversions. Our convert complex sentence to simple app is a writing tool that can identify all types of sentence structure errors and provide recommendations to correct mistakes. It can also perform tasks like convert simple English to professional English sentences that convey your message in the most effective way. Our improve my writing generator is capable of performing a complete sentence restructure online as well as eliminating any sentence structure errors from your text.  There are many benefits from using the sentence complicator including:

  • Multi-purpose: the complex sentence maker can identify and correct multiple types of sentence errors and issues
  • Accurate: identifies and corrects mistakes with a high degree of accuracy
  • Saves time: the sentence checker is fast and can analyze most papers in 1 minute or less. Editing and proofreading manually can take hours.
  • Works on any text: our writing tool works on any type of text including academic papers, business letters, blog posts, articles or any other type of writing you have to edit
  • Easy on the budget: our writing tool is free to use

Using Our Simple Sentence Converter

When our sentence reorganizer detects structure issues in your text it identifies them in a report that includes suggestions on how to restructure the sentence so that you can fix any issues. Using the complex sentence maker is easy:

  1. Enter your text into the provided field
  2. Begin text analysis by clicking the button
  3. All errors will be highlighted along with recommendations on how to fix any mistakes
  4. Make the recommended corrections

The complex sentence changer isn’t limited to finding and correcting structure issues. It can also detect and correct many other types of mistakes.

  • Spelling checker: find and correct any misspelled words in your text
  • Grammar checker: our sentence grammar corrector identifies and recommends corrections for many types of grammar mistakes including sentence fragments, run on sentences, misplaced modifiers, verb tense issues, subject verb agreement, noun/pronoun agreement and many more.
  • Passive voice detector: identifies passive voice and recommends adjustments to change to active voice
  • Punctuation checker: detect and fix all punctuation mistakes
  • Tone detector: identifies the tone of your text and suggests changes to achieve the appropriate tone.

With its multiple error detection and correction capabilities combined with its speed and accuracy our simple sentence converter is the perfect proofreading and editing tool. 

Start using our complex sentence checker today and eliminate all sentence structure problems and other errors from your papers!

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